About me 

I love studying the animal world from my deadly sixty books as a child to my degree as an adult in Animal Management (behaviour and welfare). I have always carried my trusty little digital canon camera around and taken a few pictures hear and there but never realized how much I enjoyed photography until I picked up my first DLSR in 2019. This year I have upgraded my camera to the Fujifilm xs-10 which gives me the opportunity to take my photography to the next level.

Being in nature is what I love and so does my trust companion, MITSY. She is a Lakeland terrier who took me into the dog photography world. She loves to pose and I love to capture here relationship with the natural world. 

The Logo

The center of this logo is my companion in life, Mitsy. She is the center of my photography and gets me out and about in nature. The little character of the edge of the circle is something we always to see when out and about, THE SQUIRREL. 

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